"I have referred Mary Beth to a number of my clients over the years who needed a moderator. I have been very impressed with the feedback I have received from them. They have all remarked how much they enjoyed working with her and the quality of the work that she delivers. Mary Beth also has a very diverse background, with a lot of experience in understanding the online user and unique insights into how they think and act."

- A V.P. of International Sales and Marketing, leading online qualitative applications provider.

"Mary Beth is a pioneer in online based qualitative research. She's built Solomon Solutions on the back of years of experience in the industry. Her analysis is on target and impactful. She makes sure you understand the process and makes you confident that the end result will be beyond expectations. I will continue to use Solomon Solutions when I need the consumer's point of view illuminated."

-A Principal of a specialist firm in customer diagnostics and strategy, London, England

"I have worked with Mary Beth on several customer usability efforts to test new product designs and prototypes. With little exposure to the new designs, Mary Beth quickly assesed the critical customer product testing issues, the potential customer pain-points. Acting as a Moderator for these sessions, Mary Beth instinctively directed the ongoing customer testing sessions over successive days, customizing each day based on the previous day's findings. Mary Beth's experience, knowledge and innate understanding of business practice joined with customer interaction drives the quality of her work. The result is an insightful, invaluable analysis of your customer."

-A Product Manager at a provider of Internet infrastructure services

"As head of customer research for an Internet consultancy, I worked with Mary Beth to address a host of client issues. She helped me both structure and answer questions related to business definition, Website design and develoment, and usability. Working with Mary Beth is always a pleasure. She is smart, patient, articulate, poised, and has a good nose for insight. She is unflappable both in front of--and behind--the glass. I know that I can always trust her with my clients, their business problems, and their customers."

-A Senior V.P. of Account Planning at a global interactive agency network