Usability Testing

Usability labs are conducted in person or online.  Either way, they allow you to examine first-hand how the user experiences the interface, navigation, design, and functionality of your website, app, or other user-device interaction. The user experience extends to kiosk testing, ATMs, games, GPS devices, automotive interfaces, and virtual or augmented reality assessments.

During usability testing, or UI (User Interface) testing, each individual interview entails having the user experience the application first-hand, following task-based navigation, free navigation, or a combination of both. Typically, the facilitator probes the user to identify issues and patterns as they navigate.

A day of usability research consists of 6 or 7 individual sessions that last about 50 minutes each.  A lab operator can use remote-controlled cameras to document a real-time, split-screen image of the user’s experience, capturing the application of the screen, mouse movement and keyboards strokes, as well as the user’s facial expression and vocal feedback, along with heat maps that show the areas the user most frequently viewed and/or engaged through clicks and touch points.

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