Focus Groups

Focus groups are a group methodology that are ideal for hypothesis testing, ideation, and concept development. 

In contrast to online methodologies, in-person focus groups are especially appropriate for testing tangible, concrete goods that don’t translate well to a computer screen, like tactile goods, certain categories of cosmetics, fragrances, and food, OR to reach target audiences who are not online, such as very young children, and for issues related to literacy.

In-person focus groups are conducted facilities in the U.S. and abroad. Typically a focus group is run by a facilitator, or moderator, and lasts anywhere from 75 to 120 minutes. These groups include 6 to 8 participants.

In some cases, mini focus groups with only 4 to 6 participants yield more valuable data, due to limits of larger groups.  Let’s talk about that.

Focus groups also allow for observers to watch from behind the screen or from anywhere in the country, using FocusVision technology broadcasts the focus groups live.

Deliverables of focus groups and mini-groups include digital files and, if desired, transcripts of each focus group.  Reports come in the form of either a topline with key findings or a full report with video clips, if desired.  Each deliverable has its own time frame.  Let’s talk about that, too.

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